UVC lamps

The wide range of lamp types gives us the opportunity to assist you with application areas such as:

  • Disinfection (air, water, surfaces)

  • Photochemistry (pollutant degradation)

  • Fluorescence excitation

  • Deodorizing (animal breeding, industrial extraction and kitchens)

  • Surface modification

  • Curing

  • Matting

to find an optimal solution for almost all applications.

UV SYSTEC GmbH provides a large number of lamp types in different technologies and different designs:

  • Standard low pressure lamps

  • High-low pressure lamps

  • Amalgam low pressure lamps

  • Medium pressure lamps

  • Ozone-free and ozone-forming.

For UV users of other manufacturers equipment, we offer high-quality as well as cost-effective replacement solutions including:







  • WEDECO etc.

We also manufacture lamps according to your customers’ requirements and would be pleased to give you support with our consultancy, products and service.

Our lamps are available with the following performance characteristics (characteristic values correlate with lamp power):

Useful life:               10 - 16000 h
Lamp power:           6 - 800 W
UVC performance:  2 - 300 W
Lamp diameter:      15-38 mm.


Do you have any questions or do you need further information on individual products? Please contact our friendly sales team.