- Imitation of nearly full sun light spectrum

- with electrodeless light bulb

- for horticulture, local lighting and building lighting

UVC lamps

- UVC high-output low-pressure lamps

- standard- and amalgam low-pressure lamps

- medium-pressure lamps


- electronic control unit with chip control as master-slave-system

- electronic ballasts for lamp currents between 0,1 and 5,0 A

- multi lamp systems in 19" rack with USB ethernet interface

Lamp housings

- lamp housings with self-controlled UV monitoring

Measuring technology

- for UV monitoring


- processing of  borosilicate and quartz glas

   (tubes, sleeves, lamp bodies etc.)

- assembling and mountig of mechanical & electrical devices and accessories

   (connection cables, switch cabinets, exhaust hoods, chambers)

- plant design with associated companies

- experienced customer and application oriented consulting and services for

   system solutions (certifications etc.)

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